How COLD-FX® works

COLD-FX® active ingredient CVT-E002®, helps reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting immune system [1] .

The Science behind COLD-FX®

Your immune system

COLD-FX® active ingredient CVT-E002®, helps reduce the frequency, severity and duration of cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system[1]. Our immune system protects us from any foreign organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and more. The immune system has two major parts:

1. Innate: The innate part of our immune system is the non-specific, first line of defense against infections. The innate immune response works within minutes to hours of infection.
2. Adaptive: The adaptive portion of our immune system is the “trained” part. When our body is exposed to a virus or bacteria, it remembers the encounter and develops specific cells and molecules that will rapidly fight off the same foreign agents when we encounter them again. This is also how vaccinations work.

  1. How does COLD-FX® boosts your immune system?

    CVT-E002®, the active ingredient in COLD-FX®, has been demonstrated in clinical studies to increase the proportion of natural killer cells and T-helper cells.[5]These cells play an important role in both the innate and adaptive immune response.
    Natural killer (NK) cells play a major role in the innate immune response. These cells identify host cells that have been infected by a foreign organism (virus, bacteria, etc.) and attempt to destroy them. For example, when a cell is infected by a flu virus, NK cells will recognize the cell that has been compromised and initiate the destruction of this “rogue” cell.

    T-helper cells (T-cells) are one of the most important cells in the adaptive immune response. These cells are crucial in achieving a regulated and effective immune response to foreign organisms or infected host cells.

COLD-FX® has been evaluated in clinical studies in which participants have taken 400 mg daily for periods ranging from eight weeks[6] up to six months[2],[3].

This however, does not mean COLD-FX® needs to be taken for eight weeks to six months to experience benefits.
For instance, a study with professional hockey players showed that taking COLD-FX® (400 mg/day) for 30 days enhanced immune  response of  peripheral blood lymphocytes (cells of our immune system, which include T-cells, Natural Killer (NK) cells and B-cells)  to  influenza  viruses, indicating an immune boosting effect as early as 30 days[4].

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